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I really enjoyed this piece. Well done!
You took us down the primrose path with the "F" word didn't you! I felt real sympathy for your mc and the loss of her husband.
Great perspective!
I found myself reading with a very thoughtful nod. You have written an awesome heart-tug story that I will remember for some time.
I particularly appreciated your name choice for the wise friend/real estate agent. *grin*

Important message in this story. If we're still breathing, we still have purpose on this earth!
You have a gift for making the characters come to life in so few words. Very nice. :)
I don't know anything about playing Bridge, but I'll be thinking about this today. "In Duplicate Bridge everyone plays the same hands. Its what you do with them that makes you a winner."
Good writing,, I liked where this took me.
This was very good. I enjoyed the character descriptions and how they came to life on the page.
Great title - and a wonderful story!Super job with characterization especially. Super.
From the title to the last word, this kept me reading. I felt Lana's irritation with Arlene and giggled at I knowI grew up with her, remember?. Great entry Lisa :)

Enjoyed this very much. I'll never use the "F" word again.
Great characters and dialogue...loved the "f" word thing, lol! Well done!
I think those places sound like fun! I love how you used the dialogue and descriptions to draw us right along with you. Great story!
Heehee! I like how this turned out. Very good. I loved the MC's thoughts to herself and the famous line of "Is that your mother?" lol-very fun! I especially like how the title fits this piece. Good job. ^_^
I HAD to read it because of the title! And it didn't disappoint me! It's a great story and you are a master of descriptive phrases. Kudos!
I really enjoyed this. Clever and crisp writing. God bless.
Great title and your last line is perfect.
Lovely, well-written story! The characters are very natural and you sure did paint a true picture of reluctant widowhood.
I really enjoyed this. The pace was good and kept me reading to the end. We should all eliminate the f word from our vocabulary, because life isn't, but it's what we do with it that makes all the difference. Well done.
***Congrats! Up to level 3 now, eh?*** ^_^
I don't blame the lady for not wanting to go into a retirement home. I wouldn't either...And I wouldn't join in the games. I've been in retirement homes. They are wonderful...But I don't want to go there. No way!..Congratulations on your win...Helen
Cute story! Congrats on the placement. :-) I, too, am learning that it's what I do with what I'm given that matters.
Congratulations! I really enjoyed this. The characters felt real and familiar, and I couldn't help caring about them.
I loved the title and the piece. It had an easy flow that took me to all of the right places. Good job!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. Your dialogue is very natural. I love the title, and the lesson. Great job with the topic.
Great narrative. I like your reference to the "F-word" as well. It's great, and probably should be added to the list of profanities (my opinion)lol. Thanks for the reminder.

Congratulations on moving to Lvl 3. That's awesome!
Excellent use of dialogue in telling a story with a good message. I liked the way you were able to flesh out the characters in so little words.