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Emotionally wringing. Well done!
Your plant as a bridge to friendship was a most effective symbol. Your story showed how a praying friend is used by the Lord. If the mc hadn't listened to God when she was angry, she would never have been able to restore their friendship.
The technique in presenting this was effective in showing the reader the honest roller coast of emotions that can occur over time.

Of all the human emotions, connecting to one another has to be one of the most important and your MC, I felt, knew this deep inside; and in the end it is what help in the salvation of her friend’s soul and their relationship.

On the outside, it can appear perplexing - those things which God uses - to bridge the gap between two souls; yet, after reading this, a simple plant seems to be the perfect tool. I doubt if man himself could have thought of it, it had to be the nudging of the Holy Spirit. And, that I find to be one of the most revealing factors of this emotionally charged piece. God knows our need for one another; our relationships are not by caprice but by design and if that relationship, for whatever reason becomes broken, he will find a way to bridge it and heal the hurting souls - sometimes in most unexpected ways.
I'm so glad you listened to the Holy Spirit and kept plant and prayer alive. I don't want to imagine what might have become of your friend were you not there for her when she needed you most.
PAMELA, this is a powerfully-written story that makes creative use of the topic! The emotions of the two women are well-presented, and I appreciate the encouraging message throughout. Good job!
This would be amazing and beautiful as just a story... but to know it is true... WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
I can see why this was so hard to write. It's the bridge across the gap between the pain the the joy of the return to God. Thank you for sharing.
What a powerful testimony this story is. I am so glad that the friendship was restored and that it still lasts to this day. Praise God!
Well thought out and presented. Very touching and you ministered your point very clear. Great job. God bless.
So sorry for all this one went through, so glad you were there for her. Touching personal narrative. :)
I'm so glad you shared this experience and it must have been very difficult to write. Beautiful job of conveying love for your friend by listening to the Holy Spirit.
So heartwrenching, yet filled with hope. Thanks for being obedient to the Lord and allowing Him to bring healing to you and your friend.

This is a great example of what it means to love the way Jesus instructs.
Isn't it amazing how God uses terrible sercamstances to teach all those involved and draw them closer to Him? I like how you showed that--growth and learning in both you and your friend.
Very powerful and engaging - the language is very expressive, and I was absolutely engaged.
I like the symbolism you used. This is very well written. Two thumbs up.
You took a tragic story and showed the love and hope of Jesus in the midst of it. This is the reality of the Christian life, and I'm so glad you shared it. Many will be ministered to by your authenticity.
A very moving and emotional story. I'm so glad your friend is healing even more. Wonderfully written Pamela.
What this expresses is so beautiful, I'm almost without words: "I had to come back to Him. He was calling me. And I somehow knew you would welcome me." What if the prodigal son had come home to a barred door? This is a powerful story and the image of the thriving plant--also speaks volumes.