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A paean of beauty - a true worship of our wondrous Saviour and His Christ...thank you.
You brought the bridge to salvation alive in your reverent poem.
Awesome. Well done.
Great message, of course. On a technical note, you've got the meter pretty good except in one verse, where it loses its bounce. That may have been your intention, of course :) Altering the meter can have a powerful effect on the reader - pulls him up short.
Very, very moving. I was especially touched by the stanza The young mans brow was dripping sweat.
Gods Heart surely bled.
HE, and all of Heaven wept,
and the drops of sweat turned red.

A great take on the topic, beautifully done!
Elizabeth, this is wonderful! It gave me goosebumps. You kept the climax to the end, where climaxes should be. At first, I hadn't realized who the young man was...Thank you "Young Man" for being a bridge for us all....Helen
Lovely, with an incredible message. (This DOES deserve a bit of a better title, I think, to go with the wonderful wordsmithing)
Beautiful depiction of our savior's torment. I especially liked you description of the sweat turning to blood. The Lord bless you dear Elizabeth.