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I'd never thought of tassels on the woman's robe before. I liked your interpretation of touching the tassel and gaining peace, in contrast to the swirling water below the bridge.
I like this. I don't know if I'd be comfortable stopping on a suspension bridge but sometimes you have to, if just to reach the tassles.
Unique perspective. Great tie-in of the "modern day" experience with the Biblical lesson. Would liked to have seen more of the revelation and transition of the MC. Nice job. :)
Love those retreats that stir in the depths of the heart a desire to be closer to the Lord.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading through your story. It flowed very smoothly. I felt the need for a little more development in the last paragraph to build up to the climax. I think that would make this piece exceptional. Thanks for writing it.
Good words...needed to be a bit longer.

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship