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Oh my goodness! This was so good; so well written! You led me gently down the path and then stepped out from behind a tree and thwack let me have it right over the head (or should that be heart?). Excellent story and a timely reminder as to what we should be concentrating on. Well done!
Fitting complement to C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters! Good job!
A very interesting and absorbing lesson--thank you! One thing that might help your readers' concentration: note at the end (in italics or by leaving several spaces to separate it from the main story) the version of the Bible you're using. Personally I find it distracting when the version is included immediately with the reference. A note at the end takes care of this :) Overall a very good job!
The ending really clinched the message - well done, very clever.
What a message! Great opening paragraph and good job with details. Also, excellent last line. I wasn't expecting it.
I was intrigued by this story. I liked the way it was split between the thoughts of the pastor, and the reaction of the parishioners. But I was jolted by the last section. I had to read it twice, and read some of the comments (which I don't usually do until after my comment, unless I need some clarification, as I did here). Then, after reading the title again, I got it. The commendation was that the evil one's powers were weakend by the pastor's putting focus on the things that the congregation (and many people today) put first before the Lord. I am not saying this the way I want it to come out, but I hope you get the point...My Commendation to you on this good article...Helen
This story took several different turns, each fitting together to tell the whole of the story. Good job! Your writing continues to get stronger each time I read it.