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This is very different, and appealing.I enjoyed the humor, but also the deeper significance in the conclusion. Nothing else does really matter, 'this life is but a vapor'.
Very, very, clever writing.
God Bless. Elizabeth.
wow, i felt like i was reading the opening monologue from a quirky arts film. i liked it a lot. i have a really vivid picture of your character in my mind, eyes darting back and forth as though they might catch a glimpse the memories before they escape. i picture an old man, coke-bottle glasses, fuzzy einstein-esque hair sticking out everywhere; he's sitting in a worn armchair in a cozy corner of an old people's hostel room, sun hitting him from a window nearby. No one's there, but as the camera zooms on his animated face, eyes darting, the voiceover begins. so what happens next? :)
Have you been spying on me? I really liked this--talk about different! Wow! But you boiled it down to the bottom line-and it was the goodest. *grin*
Different. Creative. Super cool. Loved it.