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Oooh! Points for creativity! I loved this to see "Memory" as a person and taking her down this 'memory lane' the wedding day sounded simply delightful to relive it through this short piece. What a treasured memory! Nice job! ^_^
Glad you listened to your memory and took that trip back in time and took us with you. Great pacing that kept the story intersting and moving oh so quickly!
I really enjoyed the personification of memory.

Some really great lines in your story: "Never had a journey seemed so long and so short at the same time." "Love connected our hearts..." "...our faces dazzling enough to light the room." Very nice! Your writing is excellent!
What a lovely piece. Your personification of Memory quickly captured my interest...and who doesn't love to hear about a wedding day from the perspective of the bride :) About half way through I was wondering if/how you'd tie in Memory again at the end, and it was done very gracefully.
I too love the personification of "Memory"; very creative and well written!
Lovely story! I also liked the creative play n "memory". You wrote some wonderful lines and descriptions. Try putting it in an active tense,
rather than passive and see if you think it makes it more powerful and real. If not, change it back!
This reminds me of when my memory has a mind of it's own. Enjoyed it.
Some very beautiful writing in this entry! I love your wordsmith skills. You're good!