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Exposed....this is too funny and yet so very, very sad. It exposes the impatience and snobbishness resident in so many of us. Beautifully written, incredibly succint "sermon" in a funny story. Develop the talent the Master has given you.
This is a wonderful story, as well as a reminder that we never know the impact of our "chance" meetings with others. GREAT!
This is really marvelous!! Congratulations--well done!!
I loved this piece! You captured the situation and the lesson well.
You took us from the top all the way to the bottom with your character and taught a very good lesson as well. Excellent writing!
OOooo -I like it :)
Bravo! Bravo! A wonderfully written story with a great twist at the end. Absolutely loved it!
Blessings, Lynda
My husband and I were reading this and you had us both in stiches! This serves as a reminder in so many areas... Thank you! I loved this! Would make a fun drama for church! Loved how you tied it into fathers as well.
This was sheer genius. You made me laugh a lot! Join us on the message boards, we need you there:)
Very nicely done - a perfect scene in perhaps a larger story centered around, Dad I think. Perfect hint on the boards as well. Ben
Very much enjoyed this! Be careful- you may be entertaining angels unaware.
very well written and so enjoyable to read! Good job! Very believable1 :)
Very good! You definitely have talent. Keep writing, please!
That was great! I loved it! Well written.
Oh dear!!! Well done on an excellent piece. One of my favourite lines was: The elevator climbed slowly, like an exhausted caterpillar." You wrote this very well.
Great title! Great Story! I had to get in line to make a comment. I thought the man was her interviewer. Great twist making him Dad and business advisor. Fantastic description. a winner in my book.
Congratulations Madonna! I loved this piece. :)
Shouldn't we all be always careful how we treat others? we sure should. Thanks for sharing this and congrats!

Might Mariah's frustrating association with a famous singer stem from any real life experiences? Hmmmm...

Congratulations on a superbly written entry and a well deserved 1st place finish!
This works really well for me. We live in a world where judgments about whom we will and won’t relate to are based solely on appearances and this is a timely reminder.

A very well written story with great wisdom. So often people are swayed by appearance without looking for the depth of a person. Well done!
Congrats on the well deserved win!! What a great story. GREAT writing. I loved reading this. Fantastic job Madonna!

WOW! This is the best short I've read in a long time! What a lesson ....
Hello Madonna - well, what a privilege it has been to see you climb the ranks in the Challenge each week. Your perseverance definitely has paid off. This was a terrific story.

Also, I must tell you that you did very well in the ratings for the Best of the Best awards - "Going Up" actually placed 6th overall. Quite an achievement.

So if you haven't done already, it's time to move on up to Level 3. I am really looking forward to seeing you go from strength to strength in the Challenge. Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)

Wonderful story. Even though I figured out the ending early in the story, I was kept reading all the way till the end. Your style of writing is very fluid and animated. Thanks, KEEP WRITING!
As someone who detests small talk, I could sympathise with Mariah. It also gave me a new perspective. Awesome story!