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Is this a true story? If so, your commitment to the Lord is commendable. I agree, you did a great job describing the scenes, your emotions, etc. There was a poetic beauty in the way you wrote the entire piece. I enjoyed reading it.
Wow. You really blessed me with this story. I am assuming that it is a true story, because it felt like it was written from the heart. I never thought much about missionaries and their viewpoints on homes. This was a very insightful and eye opening story. Thank you for sharing it.
very captivating story that left me wanting to know more. Your hasty departure is a reminder that stuff really isn't that important when put in proper perspective.
A fantastic read that ended in fast falling tears of emotion. Such a beautiful ending that hit me like Niagara Falls. I myself grew up in Africa...(in Mallamula Mission in what once was Nyasaland.) Wonderful story and well written. God bless and Kudos on your Entry!
Interesting tale of your life, and an engaging read. Your love for Africa comes through very strongly, and reading about that home was my favorite part. I also liked how you came back to the bin-bags of "stuff" at the end, no longer needed in Heaven. Welcome - great first entry!!