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I find this article or story very cumbersome. To me it is like a nice stream flowing down hill, which is the direction all streams should run, only to have a huge boulder thrown into the quiet environment. And the stream trying to squeeze around the boulder.

There was such a scientific theme to this piece that to me, the cat got lost. I would suggest seeing how many words could be eliminated to find the cat in the tude.
I enjoyed this piece. It was quite interesting, and I think it would make a good article for a scientific-type magazine.

I did find that in spots the focus of the piece got lost in tangents. Maybe tightening it up just a bit and keeping the focus on one thing would help.

This was a unique entry for this week's topic. I appreciate you sharing it. :)
Cute and fun - and I love the title/word. Nice voice.
I enjoyed this entry, it had a nice conversational feel to it. It's true, cats are great users of tools, whether physical or psychological to get their point across. Oh yes, they are masters of the 'royal we'. I'd love to read more about Sam. Good job.
I found myself chuckling in several spots. Love the cat's name. With a name like that how could you expect anything but a "royal we?" It was a little wordy in spots and yet I still found it entertaining.