The Official Writing Challenge
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I feel your pain in this writing challenge ... but a fantasy pet isn't always a bad thing (smile)
The cool thing about the challenge is that we can vary our work from week to week. Some weeks we may feel led to write a piece that can be used as an effective witnessing tool. Other weeks, we may end up just being plain silly and writing something that, while it may not directly glorify God, will still touch someone or put a smile on their face in another way.

You made a good point that sometimes the topics given are difficult to use in a way that directly gives God the honor and glory. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feelings. Who knows, maybe God will use the family pet as a witnessing tool in some way. :)
Much to ponder here - and I can certainly relate to your need to spread His message. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and the verses.
Do you know what makes a good writer better? When they can arise to the occasion and write something when they don't feel they have something to write about. You did just that. I agree - the pet challenge and the cousin challenge have been, well, a challenge. I've decided that I'm going to write something for each challenge (when time permits), not because I have something incredible to say but because it is good discipline. And I need to take your advice and maybe find out how Jesus does fit into the picture more. Thanks for sharing! :)