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Oh my goodness, this is tragic. So tragic. But I know it is happening in families all around the world. We need to bring these victims the hope and the true love the Father in Heaven has to offer. Thank you for the content warning too. It prepared me better for the graphic nature of the dialogue.

Lord, please give incest victims the help they need to receive healing. And also heal the spiritual depravity in the heart and mind of the abuser. Encourage us with Your promise that You will never leave us nor forsake us. May you give the rest of us an awareness of people hurting and healing from these abuses. Prompt us to care, and to pray, and to intervene when you ask us to. In Jesus' Name, Amen.
My guts are a mess right now. You created such a vivid picure of this that I kept getting madder and madder at the dad. Great job!

Loved the showing you did with this line "she stood there looking at it like it was a viper ready to strike."

Keep writing!
Glad you added the content warning.
Oh my. Thanks for the content warning - but this is VERY well written, though incredibly troubling. Thank you for sharing.
Words simply fail me. Utterly fail me. I pray this is not true. Even with the content warning, I was unprepared for this. Incest victims are scarred for life, forever ruined. Only eternity will reveal what their lives could have been. Oh God, how very tragic!
You handled a taboo subject with directness. I, too, hope this isn't true. If it is, I hope the daughter can finally forgive. In all honestly, I'm just not sure how I feel about the mom, though, if she suspected.
This is well-written.
WOW! This has so many levels of reality and a really good message about what unforgiveness can do in a person's life.

The instant forgiveness of the mother seems unrealistic at first, but the fact that she suspected and choose not to cause waves by questioning it makes it the most realistic response.

If this is based on a true story, I hope she truly does find Jesus and learn to forgive -- for her own sake.

Very powerful writing.
Very powerful story..well done exposing such a horrendous sin, and its victims.
Ouch! It is so sad that there are fathers who have hurt their daughters so much...
I pray that God would bring comfort to the many who are hurting because of the sins of their parents...
Very well-written and thought provoking. All the characters' actions are very realistic. I know God is willing to forgive all sins, except rejection of him, but until I see repentance I don't feel forgiveness has been asked. I noticed in this story the father only said he was sorry. That could easily mean, "I'm sorry everyone found out." I'm afraid that if I were the wife, I would have to run to my daughter and see what assistance in healing I could help her find - along with healing for myself as well! Thought provoking indeed.
It's a story that needs to be told, to be sure.

I found some of the dialogue unnatural, and a some "telling instead of showing". Perhaps you were holdinb back because of the content, but I think this could have had more emotional impact.

Thanks for sharing this important message--maybe it will give someone the courage to speak out.
Very brave. Thank you for writing this. It's not pretty. We want it all to go away. Thank you again.

I would suggest giving us a window into your feelings upon first hearing the news, there HAD to be any number of conflicting things. Run us through that wringer; immerse us in the different thoughts and feelings and impulses. It helps us with rage and decisions at the end.

And it's not a happy ending. We all want it to be, dont' we? Thank you again for this piece. Its imagery and story can in no way be soon forgotten by me, and on that level it definitely is successful. Thank you again.
I commend you for your bravery in sharing a story like this. No one wants to think about these kinds of things happening, but they do every day.

You did a good job of gripping the reader.

Wow. Words can't begin to convey how I feel after reading this. You have touched my heart strings in such a way I will not soon forget. True or not, God bless you for having the courage to speak out.
Congratulations, Terry, on placing fifteenth in your level with this piece. Great job!
A very tough subject. And it rings true about the victim's mother. As horrible as it is, many women do know that their husbands are molesting their kids, and they choose "not to know."
If that father doesn't repent in truth and make Christ his Lord, he will have a horrible judgment day. And one of the worst sins he'll have to account for is his abuse of God's grace and of the beautiful reality of Christian forgiveness. It's no wonder his daughter hasn't been able to forgive, when the whole idea of forgiveness was so twisted and misused by her father into an excuse to shrug off the grossest of sins. Agh! I would go on, but I suspect the maximum length for comments is probably less than the maximum length for article submissions!
I guess you could say that your work generated a strong emotional response. And so it should have. Thanks for your courage in writing this.