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Boldness and to the point. You covered this topic well. Nope Dad doesn't stroke out though,,,,

Tough spot handled well by all!

Keep writing!
Phew. I was holding my breath. What a tough subject, but your mom handled it just right.
This was very brave. It is an important message but could have easily back fired if it were not so well told. The tension was built up brilliantly and the resolution was superb. Well done.
Oh...well...this is really well written, although if it were posted on a regular message board, I can see sparks flying. ;0)
You handled the subject well. Nice flow, and well done.
Aaron, I can't tell you how much I love this. I have a dear friend who is struggling with homosexuality within her family, and consequently it's an issue that I've been examining quite a bit recently. The mother's grace was such a beautiful thing to see, no matter what one's opinion on the matter. Outstanding!
I'm glad that there wasn't a real major blowup here. The mother handled the conflict well and I'm glad that she was there, it turned out 'all right' a tough subject to tackle. good job. ^_^
The tension really built up in this one. I have found myself sandwiched in the middle of several debates regarding homosexuality, and needless to say, they never ended the way I wanted them to end.

It's so very important that we show love to ALL people. We don't have to love the sin or even approve of it, but we must handle things the way that Jesus would handle them. I'm glad to see the woman in this story did just that.
Congratulations, Aaron, on placing eighth in your level with this piece. Great job!