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Good job with the twist at the end, turning this story into a tidy little allegory. Nicely done.
Great angle on this.

You held my attention with the knocking.

Will he accept the peace...?

Yes! How often do we listen to the wrong advice when we should just answer the door. Good lesson.
What a great twist at the end. The incessant knocking had my attention. I'm glad he answered the door. Very clever.
Oh, I forgot to write that I liked the little hint to the logo on the front of the "friends" jacket - that possibly this wasn't a voice to be adhered to.
I liked the voices here--one of them being the knocking. Good idea!
One logo and a bit of back tracking too. Very Subtle. Good message.
The constant "knock, knock,knock" kept me glued to this story and drove me up the wall as much as it did Roger; (but now I'll show my ignorance)the scripture cited is the Lord speaking, so I'm blank as to why the author so vividly described His clothing down to his shoes, etc. Am I missing something? - But the overall creativity was brilliant. A fun read with a point well taken.
You had me curious about the knocking the entire time I was reading. I had a feeling that it might have been Jesus that he was ignoring, but I had to keep reading in order to find out for sure. Clever twist! Sorry that I missed reading this earlier in the week.