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You did a great job of showing twin brothers--so alike, yet so different. I especially like your description of being together in the Lord. Your concluding line is clever.
I really enjoyed this. It's a great way of telling the story of conjoined twins.
Very entertaining!
A different and very good entry. I cracked over the um... passing wind incident and being dragged into church by the leg. I thought it was very clever also to let Zach have his say at the end, even if it was only a few words.
Well done, very well done indeed.
I don't recall seeing the word "fart" used on this site before; how refreshingly mischievous.
Great job! I like this. Very good story! Creative and stinky in its own special way! ROFL!
I am in absolute stitches! I will smile for the rest of the day. This was very clever and funny, not to mention extremely entertaining. I wonder if your brother was the lead character in my "Parting Ways" challenge entry piece. Hmmm.

Very well done!
Cute and fun - even if you don't like it (and I WILL be the first to admit that "Conspiracy!" is better), it was certainly an enjoyable read, and I'm guessing it was fun to write. :)