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I loved this humorous story of two enterprising young artists. The repetition of ages made for an excellent conclusion. Great job.
Very cute story! I could easily visualize every moment.

The childrens' dialogue seemed a bit older to me than their stated ages.

Good title, fun story.
Awesome story.. very cute! I do agree that the dialogue was a little old but not the actions...LOL.. I have a little one who decorated my walls at the ages of 2 and 3! LOL

Nice job.
I agree, the dialogue is too old for their ages. But I have to tell you, I have a son and daughter who decorated the ceiling, dressers and shelves in their respective bedrooms -- when they were more like 11 and 9! They used glow-in-the-dark crayons, and my son tells me that to this day, 14 years later, it can still be seen faintly on his dresser!!
This is such a cute story. It was very enjoyable. Great title too!
I loved this story...title was an excellent draw in, too.
I admit, too, that the title grabbed me. And I could tell you similar stories so this is not beyond belief. It's a great read!
As soon as I read “Mommy said we could color and decorate the walls.” My mouth dropped open and I thought "Uh oh". This was a very enjoyable read, well done.

LOL! I love the title and especially the ending here, I liked the last lines with he was four and I was three. So fun to see this, especially as they snuck across the floor-without making it squeak. Cute! ^_^
Cute and fun - and I ADORE the title especially. SO like kids this age. Fun!
This was fun and well written. I could feel the nap time tension.

I especailly loved the last line.

Keep it up!