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I enjoyed reading this fun story and loved the dialect you used!
Love the bits of humor sprinkled throughout this creative piece. Your dialect was extremely well written and flowed very smoothly.
Very entertaining! I laughed out loud with the 'farrplace'. Half my family is from southern Indiana, and they say 'farr' like their nieghbors...
Well done.
Great job with the dialect and the rural atmosphere. This was delightful.
LOL! I liked the dialouge and especially the snowman story! Very cute! ^_^
Oh I'd love a Momma/Grandma like this.

Everything rang true to my ear. Especailly the "farr."

I like the rustic rural flavour of this story, and each of your characters has endearing qualities.
The snowman story was my favorite part of this. I also loved the accent you injected into this. I was wondering where the man's wife was, so I am glad that you explained that towards the end.

This was a fun and delightful read. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)
Delightful - wonderful job with the dialect and the dialog. Precious and lovely.
Your writing style and the story you told is delightful and brought a smile. Your use descriptions is great and believable.
Loved the voice and loved the ending in this entertaining read. Well done.
You captured the dialect perfectly and the dialogue keep me interested. I enjoyed it very much.
Warm tale...the "snowman" story cracked me up! Good writing.
This story was so sweet and humorous too. I love the part about the snowman. Well done!