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Very, very good! I really enjoyed the reading. What an honor to be the first to spread the good news. He is alive!
Powerful, powerful, powerful! What an opening paragraph. This was a wonderful article from the perspective of a woman who was redeemed and forever touched. In life He never failed to touch her and in death and resurrection He put the final stamp on the truth of His words. I leaped for joy right along with Mary. Beautifully written.
How beautifully you described the heart of Mary Magdelene. You allowed the reader an opportunity to enter into her experience and walk with her from the depths of grief to the heights of joy! Your words seemed touched my the Spirit, evoking emotions from nearly 2000 years ago as though they had just occurred. He has gifted you.
good story! I have always loved the fact that the Lord allowed a woman to be the first to worship Him as the risen Lord and to tell others! In doing so, He redeems woman from Eve's legacy. Woman is deceived no longer. Just my understanding of this anyway.... Loved it!
Beautifully done. The images are so vivid that I was there watching this scene played out. You've got a marvellous gift.
The story paraphrased, I never get tired hearing it with a new slant. Thank you.
I especially loved the paragraph about the Lord choosing her! I'd never really given that any thought. Thank you.
Your readers are brought to their knees with reverence as they 'experience' Mary's life during those hours. So well done - it opens our eyes and our hearts!
Excellent piece! I felt the gambit of emotions Mary experienced. Wonderful writing!