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Special. (Have you told her?)
Special. (Have you told her?)
Special. (Have you told her?)
This is so touching and yet so simple.
Very sweet tribute.
A lovely glimpse of God's grace. I wished for more details as to your MC's background and why she was so hurt. A little punctuation ie' "mother's first grandchild" is needed, I think (unless someone changed the rules again-ha!) Very nice.
What a tender tribute you've written here. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story.
How lovely! I hope you share this with your sister and with your niece.
Thanks for sharing this. A special time for all, no doubt.
I agree this is a very beautiful, loving tribute. For some reason, as I read, I kept thinking the narrator would reveal that this special niece was in reality, her child. However, that it lead to her redemption and gave her hope, makes the story so compelling.
You packed so much goodness in so few words. I agree that you should share this with your niece if you havenít done so already. It is beautiful.

Thank you for sharing.
Such a gorgeous little tribute...just beautiful.
A child is a blessing in so many ways... Thanks for sharing this.
Jodie, this is a very sweet entry. Nice job!
I love this! How sweet this is... I want to show it to my two daughters who are new aunts to our triplet grandbabies... They will love this.. thanks!
Oh, this brings back memories of my first niece, too. It is a sweet moment when that first baby comes to the next generation in a family. Very touching.
This was a delight to read, so sweet and tender.
Awww! So special! I loved the transparency and especially the spark of 'pure love'. Wonderful! ^_^
Oh! Just beautiful. Poetry in prose.
Great angle on the topic. You brought back memories of when I become an aunt, then my sister moved to Italy to raise her family. It's a hole in my heart. Now I'm a great-aunt and will probably never know my sister's grandchildren.
Beautiful sentiments, Jodie. Is this your testimony? Very nicely done - brought back memories of my excitement over my first nephew.