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I enjoyed the content and the style of your piece. Thank you.
What a beautiful testimony of your aunt's love and faith! Women like her are true jewels, and greatly used by God.
A beautiful tribute and your imagery of the pearls and its comparison to your aunt is outstanding. Great job!
What a wonderful aunt! I hope you let her read this, so she will know how she has impacted your life! :)

My favorite line is: "Her nieces and nephews are individual pearls on a strand, unique to her, making a necklace to grace her heart with joy." What lovely imagery, and how blessed you are to be one of the pearls! :)

I absolutely loved this selection! Aunt D's character is described with great love, genuine feeling, and grace. This is a very well written tribute to her.
The knowing of an aunt and the looks they have. Specail people make others feel special. If this is your aunt, you are truly blessed. Thanks for submitting this tender piece.
The love and warmth you feel for your aunt shines through in this entry. You shared your heart well!
Great title, and a very nice tribute to your Aunt D. I hope you share it with her.

Take a look at this sentence:

When spending time with Aunt D, one doesn’t just feel special, but knows they’re special.

And now see if you like this very slight re-write any better:

When I spend time with Aunt D, I don't just feel special, but I know I'm special.

I think exchanging second person for first person makes it much more intimate and real. Something to think about...

I really enjoyed this homage to Aunt "D", keep up the great writing.

Two items, I sensed a change in tense from the first paragraph to the second, which threw me a little. I also wanted to know more about why Aunt "D" was unable to speak...was she in a hospital room?

Nonetheless, I thought your description of her eyes and non-verbal communications were superb and your tie in with Isaiah at the end was a great tribute to Aunt "D".

Thanks for the read and keep up the great work!
A wonderful tribute...I hope you can share it with others that love her.