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Oh, this is sad, but there's hope and light at the end. Thank God for wonderful grace! What a testimony.
I like the first line, but it gave me the impression that you were writing something light-hearted and fun. Even with rough content concerning the uncles, the line "I’m not going to write about the black sheep of the family, so I’ll stop here" still gave me the impression of fun sarcasm. But then you ended so serious, so I'm not sure the mood fit the message. Good writing and good descriptions, just seemed like two different stories mixed into one.
Ron - This is a good story and so true in many families. But, ain't God good? My favorite line was this: The evil one whispered in my ear the first time I walked into church, “Just who do you think you are?” I remember that same whisper in my ear. That old devil never changes, does he? Thank you Jesus for grace! Keep writing for His glory. Love in Christ,

Ron...My name is Pauly. You have a GREAT writing style. PLEASE don't you ever give up.

The reason that I read your article is that I wrote a similar article on on the subject of "Uncle". It is called "Nostalgia". It's in the Intermediate Stories. I mention it because my uncles and yours are so different. Mine were actually role models that could be turned to.

In fact, they were SO cool that I originally thought about calling the piece "Just Say Uncle" but I changed it.

I'm going to read your article again, several times but I want to thank you for what you've written here.

I seldom get to say this but I think you've got a strong style and I like the honesty that you bring.

Again, don't EVER give up. Also, look to Marilynn Schnepp in the "Advanced" writers. She is a wonderful lady and is full of encouragement. It doesn't hurt that she is also a judge.