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Good example of how out of sorrow comes insight that brings appreciation for that which we have taken for granted before. The old saw, "You never miss the water till the well runs dry." is demonstrated in this story. May we look at God's blessings and praise Him without the trip to the ER to get our attention. But God remembers that we are humans, and humans forget so He "reminds us" in so many varied ways. Thanks for sharing a painful experience to bring us to a place of gratitude and thanksgiving.
I celebrate what you have written. It is beautiful. One topic per paragraph would perfect this piece.
This is so beautifully written. You were able to celebrate not only your daughter's life but Jesus' as well. Thank God He gave you that 'quilt of comfort'. Blessings.
A wonderful piece that every parent can identify with. I loved the quilt image as well.
Watch paragraphing structure, but you have a good solid story here to tell.
The story itself, gave me chills. Thank you for sharing.
What a heartwrenching and harrowing account that had a happy ending. I felt this one at the pit of my stomach.

My favorite line is:
"Yet, You chose to 'lose' Your only Son to me".

Nicely done.
I am praising our Lord that your daughter is safe. I too have visited the ER with some close calls. I felt your words expressing what the Lord must have felt giving his son for you. I think if you separated your paragraphs it would make it easier to read. Nice story and nice job.