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Nice story. You show how time is a most important gift instead of "things" and how it can make such a difference in a persons life.
Really love your story. Memories of our son handing his son over the fence to Granddad, saying "He's driving his mother crazy!" and his happy "YAY!" Yes, memories are built both ways, and these are precious. Thank you, and God bless you.
Good story but very confusing, initially I thought 'granda' was male then I thought female after the one sentence "granny can we have a sleepover" (which by the way punctuation was missing). Please work on not losing your reader, but otherwise content was good. Keep writing.
A sweet story, that with some editing of spelling and sentence structure could be made into something really great. Thanks for sharing.
I liked that you not only wanted to see the grandchildren have good memories of you, but that you also cherished the memories of them that you received.

Nice story. Thank you for sharing. :)
I loved this. I understood the granda (and loved it) and really enjoyed seeing how you're building memories--memories that will go both ways. If I could pick grandparents I think I'd come knock on your door. *grin*