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You really offer some great insight and wisdom regarding grandparenting.

In some places less words in a sentence might communicate your message more clearly. One of the opportunities that grandparenting offers is the means to have a meaningful impact on the spiritual lives of those left behind. can become Grandparents have numerous opportunites to spiritualy impact their descendant's (or grandchildren's)lives. Well, perhaps that's not the best example, but you get the idea?? Just a thought...

I really liked your opening paragraph. It made me smile. I think my parents think that everytime they watch me with my daughter--according to them, my clone.
You offer a whole lot of wisdom regarding grandparenting, and I think that this would make a wonderful devotional/instructional piece.

I felt like some of the whitespace between thoughts was unnecessary. I know that you are covering a lot of different ideas, but some paragraphs felt to me like they could have been combined together. Of course, this is only my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. :)

I appreciate you sharing this. Though I am far from being a parent, let alone a grandparent, I hope to carry some of this wisdom with me so that I am prepared for the time when it finally does roll around.
The first part of this had a lot of typos and did not flow very well. The second half came together very well. It was as if it was written by two different people. Work on getting the flow and proofing before submitting, overall a good piece.
You're right, grandsparent can have such a huge impact. Good article.