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Lovely story. Thanks for sharing. These are the words of a mother who is gifted with wisdom. This wisdom tells her when NOT to rebuke or critize. A wisdom that knows God is in control and to trust the process that is occuring in the daughter's life. Too often we focus on the things we don't like [the long hair, pierced nose, etc]and forget that our job is to give them roots and wings and trust the Lord to take it from there. It made me wish I had been that wise when mine where still at home.
WOW! What an encourgement your article is to me at this point in my life. I have a teenage son that I need to trust God with and I am struggling. Your strong trust and faith in God's process in our lives is evident.
A very touching piece. Your wisdom and love shines through the awkwardness. I especially appreciate how through the few actions of your daughter you describe, it is apparent that she returns your love. She seems to know what it cost you to be silent, and is grateful for it. She may be astray in some ways, but her heart is still with you, even if sometimes it seems otherwise. Well done!
This story chilled me. But you put some small glimmers of light here and there. A good reminder to me as a mother of a teen who acts sometimes like she is 40 and sometimes rebels that I must choose the battles with her wisely. Your description of the group of friends is very good. Wonderful story!
Wow, tough, am praying for all parents, releasing the rein is oh, so hard.
OH, those glimmers, those hopeful glimmers. As the mother of a teen, I live for them.
I loved this article. If I were to critique anything, it would be the past and present texts. Choose to either be sitting now, or if it's a story you're reflecting on. Other than that, I loved it! It was encouraging for me as well with a son whom I pray for daily. Thank you.
Oh the teen years! I read that and had to wonder what they have in store for us? It reminds me how important it is to pray for our children. It appears that the young lady in this piece seems to have a good head on her shoulders and does love her mom, despite the unusal dress. Nicely pulled together.
Your title grabbed me and your story was very descriptive. Nice flow and nicely told. I do believe we need to pray for our children and there is no doubt God is in control. However, I'm not sure I see the woman's choice of silence a good idea. I only have young ones now, but maybe this is inexperience speaking but, I would not allow Goth of any sorts. Junk in Junk out. I am praying for all parents of teens. It sounds like a very difficult time. Nice story, very thought provoking.
The title grabbed me and the content didn't disappoint me! Thanks for sharing your hope as you watch your morphing butterly!
Although not sure I agree with your "silence", this story is still one of my favorites. You've written an exceptional piece.