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Think something might be missing from last sentence of para. 5.
Cheers. Loved your story. God bless you.
Great example of the topic, and an exciting story of listening to God's leading and doing it!

I don't know if the several different scene changes are necessary--they make it a bit jumpy. Start during the service, and hop on the bus to the assisted living home in one uninterrupted narrative.

Love your title.
A great fit for the topic, and I loved all the action here - fitting for your point especially. Good stuff.
Wow! What a marvelous, lovely and perfect idea! I read the last half of this entry with blurred vision - tears running down my face with emotion of such a "Pew Perfect" challenge! I loved this story with it's heartfelt sentiment of saving others while the sun still shines; beautifully done and very creative! Kudos!
Good idea for a story and a great idea for a church! This is a great message for today's church, there are too many people who either can't or don't come through the doors on Sunday. We all need to look at taking the church to people, not the other way around. More church field trips!

Great title.

This sentence needs some re-working.
"Steve was the
Director of a large Assisted Living facility was a thankless job, and he
immediately connected with Pastor Rick."

Thank you for reminding us that we need to get out of our ruts.
It's good to embrace another believer at the site of great victory. I enjoyed the end especially. Thanks for writing.
Right on topic and a great reminder for us--wrapped in a great idea. I really liked it!
Excellent message to be found here.

I got a bit confused at the beginning when it jumped from the pastor listening to the radio station to the meeting, but after that it was smooth sailing.

This is actually a cool idea. I wonder if any pastors have done this before?

Thank you for sharing!
What a great story! I would love to see something like that happen!
So creative. Thanks for sharing such a great message.
Keep at it!
The Lord used this to speak to me. Perhaps in an unexpected way. I needed to hear "if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've got". I think about the definition of insanity quite often (doing the same thing and expecting a different result) even more so here at the crossroads of life.

So, I went off on a rabbit trail in my thought, but I wanted you to know that the Lord used your story to minister to me. Thanks.
Oh this was good! It was VERY creative to have the pastor actually get them up and doing something-right along with them! I loved it, it's a great example of also actions speaking louder than words. Very well done! I enjoyed the read, especially at the end with Violet. That was great. My only note for this RED INK: was watch at the front where I think there was a typo with the favorite radio station. Using 'was' twice? Otherwise, good job! ^_^
I pray you are encouraged by the way this has ministered to so many of us. When we put our faith into action as Christians, supernatural things happen. Well done! ;)
I enjoyed your story. The way you wrote it, and the message in it! It's a challange to all of us. God Bless. Keep writing. And congratulations on placing 9th in your level. :-)