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Fantastic perspective of the three days that changed the world !!! Your words were chosen artfully and were like jewels in a work of art. A painful work, but with a beauty due to it's outcome.
This is beautifully written. It has the feel of a perfect ballad.
Wonderfully crafted work - I think this should have been placed in the Advanced group :)
This is an article of great depth, very well done.
I loved this! It is beautifully written. If I were to be completely objective, I would just offer the last sentence to repeat what had been written earlier about God... something like "and God smiled... then on day three, God breathed." to really tie it all together. I would love to see this as a little drama for an Easter Sunday!
Awesome, awesome job on this week's topic. It was creative and intricately woven. Power and passion, bittersweet and poignant are just a few words to describe the sense of your carefully chosen words. Very effective. I loved the moments in the article when "God breathed". I would have chosen it as the title but your original title works better.

My favorite lines are:
"Time was irrelevant in the demonstration of love between Father and Son".
"There were no rocks large enough to dam the inner flood that left eyes, throat and lungs raw from the raging flow"

This truly is an article of substance. It should place at the highest level. Again, awesome job.
Wonderful work! The greatest story ever told, told expertly by a terrific writer. Thanks for blessing me with this reading.
No way are you an interm. writer. Get thee hence to A. Very inspiring and well-written.
Very beautifully written!
this is an awesome entry!... I love the title...Just think! On the third day God breathed and Jesus inhaled the breath of the Father... Good job!
Encapsulated the whole of salvation history from many points of view is so few words. beautifully crafted.
this is an excellent piece. I enjoyed the rhythm and my heart rate elevated with each lyrical turn of your phrases. You took me higher and higher until I reached my second wind thank you,
The camera moves from one paragraph to the next depicting a new scene to set the picture of history and Christ's death and our salvation.
Very very good. Ya done good and I bet you'll be in the top 8 :-)

I love the way it goes full circle and you wrap it up with that powerful sentence about God breathing.

Well done!
Bravo! Bravo! You definitely need to move up a notch to Advanced. Excellent writing.
Blessings, Lynda
"God Breathed" well done tying the Creation in with the Resurrection - won't be surprised if deb gives you the boot! I know I'd like too!:)
Very good piece. I liked the way you went from THE beginning to the NEW beginning. I enjoyed it.
Wow! Congratulations on grabbing the top spot with your first challenge entry! Powerful imagery, solid structure, sacred truth, even a perfect title. This is a blessing at any level.
Great job, Ben! Amen to previous comments -- I, too, loved God's breathing. Not bad for a first time challenger!
This story is well-written. It is easy to read and very inspiring. Great Job!
Benjy, I was literally holding my breath as I read. Absolutely wonderful!
Captivating, and articulate peice which provolks our reveared thought. (My thought would be there is no evidence that God breathed- on the third day, according to Genesis; However, God did give the increase.) The mighty rushing wind was heard on the day of Pentecost beginning in Jerusalem, within the body of Christ. Still, this is a believable representation and awesome reflection of emotions and events that transpired in the days prior to Christ ressurection. Great story! God bless ya,
Excellent way to tell the story! Got my drama mind flowing - may be asking you for permission to use some of this come Easter next year! (Amy gave me the idea)
Ben, I'm finally getting a chance to pop around (as I'm editing the Celebrations book). Have to say mate - this was OUTSTANDING! You definitely deserved your Best of the Best win. Love, Deb