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Lots of good detail here, though I got a touch lost in the action. Nice job with the dialog- I hope you expand on this!
A good genre piece, and spot-on for the topic.

I was left with a lot of questions, though--why were they the dog tribe? They seemed to be people. That sort of thing...which is why it's so very difficult to do fantasy or sci-fi in just 750 words. Not enough words to establish your world, and so something's gotta give.

I liked the relationship between the husband and wife. Well done.
Very interesting story, or better yet - very intriguing mystery.

Anything I don't understand I call a mystery; and I needed to know what "mail" had to with an ax? Why? Who? When and perhaps Where did all this transpire? Am I Confused or just dense? I don't know... but I still think it was interesting. Thanks for sharing.
Mick, I continue to enjoy your tales of the Forgotten One, and hope that you do not plan for his candle to flicker out any time soon.

You did have an awkward sentence:
"There is nowhere I would sooner spend my final days with, but what am I to do?"
It would need to be noone, or omit the "with."

One need not know anything else of your land and people to enjoy this story, the Forgotten One's willingness to sacrifice for his people while his life yet shines, and the reminder that each of our lives is "slowly withering away." I wonder if you were aluding to Goliath?
Keep up the creativity!
Ahhh, my favourite character The Forgotten One. You have done a fine job with this entry, and spot on target for the topic as always.

I love your title The Burning Candle, but please, dont let it burn too low. Great job Mick, great job!