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Wow! I call this entry a very creative idea, by making "goodness" so unique and boring that Emily's Aunt hasn't anything to write about. Enjoyed the romp through this family's household...and had a pleasant surprise in the end. Nicely done.
Very creative as mentioned above. Good stuff, and very well written. As a reader I'm not sure about the last two paragraphs (the aunt's death and family's depression being the result of being good). But I liked it, keep submitting good stories!
Very very clever - I especially LOVED the voice of this. Creative take on the topic, and your writing is very descriptive.
Hey, Mary, I missed this one! I think Emily's aunt sounds like such a character she should have her own novel. And, such a "novel" idea it would be to see how she romanticizes all the family anecdotes. Perhaps you could even weave a bit of mystery story throughout--it seems made to order.

This is delightful reading, as you know I love everything you write!