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Yes, I think many families have a relative like sad.

A few word errors: "suppose" for "supposed", and "sheik" for "shriek". And be careful of slipping into 2nd person as you did in the 3rd paragraph: you have a few "you"s that should have been "I"s.

I like the juxtaposition of the happy memories with the darkness of your uncle's contempt. Very effective.
The contrast between the pleasant and the bad is very good. Good descriptions especially.
The topic is the only thing I find missing...otherwise it is a beautiful "down Memory Lane type story". Perhaps it's just me, as I seem to be the only one that doesn't see it. Guess I'm dense. (*.*)! But I enjoyed the lovely story, and the point is well taken.
I loved the memories of the grandparents farm, brought back memories of my own. I did not however see this week's topic. Keep writing.