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This article is filled with creativity. I like the touch of the "GPS" system and the way you tied everything together, beginning--middle--and end. I can relate to sometimes letting my ministry passions get the better of me, not only hurting myself but others in the process. Well done and perfectly on topic. :)
Very good! I love stories about God's perfect timing.

There was some minor tense-switching in the 2nd paragraph, no big deal.

I like the gentle ironic wit you have.
Wonderful story. You kept the narrative flowing throughout. One suggestion would be to put the main character's thoughts in quotes or italics and be consistent. Keep writing.
Very creative - love the title! Enjoyed this very much.
A terrific story! A great moral comes from this very unhappy incident regarding the ice, the late plane, the SUV, the anger, the head scar, the wreck and the enlightening Weather Commentator's "Travel Is Not Advised. Very creative and a good lesson-learning finish. Good Job!
This is really really good. I loved it. Well done.
What a creative entry, that began with your title. One of my favorite lines is, "vanished in that eternal moment--a God-ordained moment." (I believe in these moments too). You had me wanting to help the preacher hurry to his destination. Now what is a "preacher handkerchief"? I like that you called it that. :) Your ending was super! Great work.

I think we may have a placer here. This is so well done, not too harsh of a lesson but one he won't forget thanks to the scar...keep up the good words.
Great story - I love the last line especially. :)
Ahhh that was refreshing to see a Christian, warts and all - albeit not a good witness but I can appreciate his frustration. I've been known to mutter about stupid idiots on the road only to have to ask forgiveness within seconds.

What a great example of God's wonderful timing... a true case of "Godincidence". As with everything, God new exactly what was going to happen and exactly where he wanted Robert to be.

I loved him telling the GPS to "shut up." Very, very well written, Laura.

Love the title and the story did not disappoint. Good job on topic!
You did an excellent job of presenting the humanness of the preacher, followed by the way he was used divinely. I loved the ending.
I like Brother Parker! I can see him on quite a few adventures along these lines! Isn't amazing what will happen to get us to where God needs us to be at that moment? You illustrated that very well! I liked the end though with the "anger storm" never heard it put that way before, but it sure fits. Nice job! ^_^
This made me laugh at the end as it drove the lesson home--very soundly, too. What a creative idea.
First, I really liked your writing tecnique using the GPS as a disembodied but level-headed voice. And the frustration and utterances by your MC couldn't have been more pefect. He said things I think most of us would (ir have alreday) have said under the same circumstances : ). I really liked this creative phrase, too: "The snow spun behind the truck like a broken parachute"
And finally I liked the moral and it brought to mind a Biblical truth I've believed in for years...God certainly directs our steps.
Great job!
I know there was a certain seriousness to this piece, but I found myself laughing almost the entire time. I pictured it as a comedy film, and the GPS thing was hilarious. Working in the computer field, I know what it's like to get frustrated and yell at a piece of electronic equipment. Thanks for the great story! :)
Good job Tim, I can only echo all the other commenters. Keep up the GOOD work.
Having just read this, I must say it's one of my favorites. I love how you demonstrated God breaking through our circumstances and bringing ultimate good :) Great writing!