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I memorized this poem in 8th grade. It still inspires me! I really enjoyed this story.
Your writing is superb. If you could find a way to nail the topic with the central message, it would be absolutely perfect for the challenge. I hope this piece gets published. Again, it is VERY well-written.
Your writing is so rich. I don't think you are off-topic. I think the message in your writing is present, but in a more subtle way.

I would love to study history through the eyes of real-life people, as you do here. Wonderful reading!
A great piece of writing! Thank you. I enjoyed your weave of poetry into the story line adding to the emotional moment.
Your title attracted me. I believe your story fits the topic, subtly. It is a 'good' story, well told, and suggests a fuller story in the background. Congratulations.
Great piece. I like how you wove the poem into the story. This looks like the start of a longer story. Keep writing.
Well done.
This is an excellent entry!
Loved the poem.
Great job... great display of your gift.
I, too, like how you wove the poem in to the story, as well as your unique take on the topic.
While his and others financial ruin is a bit more than spilt milk, and contemplating suicide a bit more than crying, you illustrated the proverb well, and are by no means alone in utilizing a more serious loss to make the point.
Congratulations on Highly Commended!!!
Dear sweet Mary - Another win! I'm so thrilled I could just warble like a canary. I can't wait to read your next entry!