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This is very creative from title to end, but I don't see the tie-in to the topic. I could picture the whole scene and always enjoy stories about children. :)
A lot here about fishing including the teacher's name. I did not see the tie-in either to the topic. The good thing the children seemed eager to learn.
A very creative take on the topic. I actually like stories that include the topic, but don't beat the reader over the head with it.
Let me see if I got it right. The "spilt milk" was the wife falling for the scam. The "no use crying" was her husband staying calm and advising her to call the bank right away.
Nice integration of Scripture.
I like the "story within a story" aspect of this entry. Very creative!
Loved the title and the message, What a wonderful format for this lesson, THANKS.
Very clever and clear. I think you did manage to hit the outskirts of the topic. I could see what you were hoping for. I enjoyed the skit as a vehicle to convey your message. Over all a very good job in ministering your point. The phisher/fisher thing was pretty creative. Keep up the good work. God bless,
I like the story within the story, too! I like the characters you created and the dialogue.
Cute! I liked the word play on the title and the end where he told the kids to be Fishers and Phishers. I liked the little skit you had there, my only note is it seemed a little too lucky for Bob to let Marcia go like that-but it worked out all right. Nice job! ^_^
Great lesson wrapped up in a well-written story. You did the topic justice.
Excellent story and lesson. Your writing is captivating. I can see this acted out as a skit (both stories). Thanks for the phishing warning too.
Good dialogue and script. I'm not sure if the kids were old enough to understand phishing, but it would be funny at a youth group age level. If you had started with, Welcome to the NAGCA, it would have been the perfect opening.