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Wow, What an amazing story, a well developed story line, and wonderful story telling. Some words were misspelled but all in all great job
How tragic--I've heard about these parties, and it's heartbreaking.

Given the title, I expected a lighthearted story...and although you wrote about her companions, I'm not sure the main idea of the proverb is strong here.

I love the little glimpse of the praying mother at the end...nice touch.
Kept my interest throughout, and totally spells out the topic of running with the wrong crowd. Some minor glitches, but a story that happens much too frequently in our world today. Sad but true - and written well.
Oh, that gave me chills. Heart breaking chills. Some proofreading needed there towards the end, but this is good.
This had my heart beating pretty fast, emotional and sad. I'd consider changing the title, I'm not sure to what but I so loved your description of Trail Mix is such a visual, maybe you could work with that? Didn't take away from a well told story, I'm just trying to think of a suggestion.
This had a lot good places, definitely was on topic but the mother-daughter dynamic could be fleshed out more. I wondered why the mother only paid attention when Sally did outlandish things. Good story though keep writing.