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Well done--the conversation struck me as very realistic.

Since you had words left over, I'd have appreciated some context. Set the men in a room, give them cups of coffee, let me know what they look like. It just makes the story more relate-able.

Yes, he's in good company, indeed!
"Paul ran aged fingers through his thinning gray hair." I began to relate to the storywith this sentence - it brought it to life! Great topic - I too would love more detail.
Great conversation. I was a little lost in the middle--a few lines of background or setting would've cleared that up, but the dialog was good.
I would love to hear the background of this conversation a little, but the dialogue is well done.
This could easily have been taken from the Bible. Different names for the characters and you could almost be reading about any of the early churches.
I would have liked to have been able to read more of the background too. Good read all the same.
You do a great job with dialogue. The story ended a bit abruptly for me, however. I didn't feel like I knew for ceratin who was keeping bad company. The father/son relationship makes the story extra sad.
I like your title/take on the topic. The last paragraph was a great conclusion.
I, too, would vote for more explanation of the background of the dispute.
I like your writing style, it flows nicely and you handled the conflict between the two individuals very well. When I read what James was saying about the other individual, my thought was, "talk about calling the kettle black". Great job.
Heehee, you had me here for a moment! I was really thinking he was Paul and wondering where a James had come in. ^_^ Nice job, the twist at the end, making this a more modern story is good. I like how he says he classed with a group of good folks. Nice job with tying your title in and everything. ^_^
Love the ending, too bad, but maybe the youngster will have a change of heart. Great comparisons.
Love the way your words flow! Well written!!