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Oh my, this is powerful--that selection from Isaiah at the end really clinches it, doesn't it?

One small nitpick: "it's self" should be one word, unhyphenated--"itself".

It was amazing how you were able to bring us into this man's soul...a dark piece, very well done.
You did a great job relating your MC's thoughts and motivations. I loved the irony contained in your last paragraph. Need to be more careful with punctuation and spelling. Great read!
You have written some wonderful descriptions here - the people leaving the underground trains, the various passengers' descriptions. I like that you ended it the way you did - we knew what was happening and you gave just enough clues to the final outcome. The Isaiah passage at the end is a great touch and you worked it in well with the repetition of phrase.

Red ink: a few spelling errors that spellcheck won't catch :-( "bowels" instead of "bowls". I usually see "backpack" written as one word.
WOW! Where do I start. YOu had some very good word imagery. Here's my favorite line.

"The doors swished aside a released a wave of captives who seemed as eager to escape as though they were leaving hell. The backwash was equally as eager to take their places."

I also liked the seen inside the subway car.

Red Ink: Do you have an edit buddy? There were a few minor errors another set of eyes would have caught for you.

Good job!
This drew me in and kept me right there with the MC. Wonderful description and a great passage at the end.
Powerful writing and an inside look at the mind of the TRUE infidel. The only red ink I suggest is a buddy to edit the little typos and errors that can sneak past our own eyes as writers. The style of your writing is very modern and edgy. Wonderful.
Truth is always powerful stuff. How are men so easily deceived? Writing with the bold spirit that Jesus gave us. Keep it up.
Very, very well written. I was totally engrossed in the story. I could "see" everything as it happened.
Oh WOW. This is absolutely excellent - your descriptions are amazingly vivid and the cautionary tale is incredibly visual and real. I really, REALLY hope this places.
Wow, and double WoW! You have a gift for storytelling that's evident here...and especially that super valuable skill for choosing the perfect ending! I would imagine that with a few corrections that have already been mentioned, this one would have soared in the placings! Great job!