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I really enjoyed your MC's authentic voice. Nice job with the topic.
People certainly are honest to their diaries, aren't they?
I like the MC's development over the months - how she quit just expecting to jump to the top and realized that it will take time, work, and dedication. Great voice, very authentic. Nicely done.
Like the diary format. Nice casual feel and voice in this piece.
I like the maturity she gains as the story progresses. The diary would be even more fun to read with a few "juicy" details-maybe conversations she quoted, etc. You got the topic down pat.
Great clear crisp writing, nice pace and voice. Enjoyed the read but was hoping she would hook up with Johnny since you mentioned him. Super job. God bless.
What happened to Johnny??? LOL Seriously, I like the diary format, and you did a good job showing how she finally grew up and realized it takes time to get to the top! Good job!
I like the way you talk to your Diary as if it is a person. That gave this a very unique feel. Well done.
Love the voice. I'm glad to see she was starting to 'get it' by the end. (She learned a lot faster than most teenagers.) Good illustration of the topic.
You did a good job on nailing the topic and making the growth of your MC believeable. Nice work.
Wonderfully written. I can really hear the change in attitude as the days go by.
Very good voice here! I liked the diary format, especially the voice of your MC! It's right on what I'd expect, and wanting to move up was something I could indentify with. Good job! ^_^
A unique and witty way to tackle this weeks topic; not to mention neat. One little boo-boo...but otherwise a good job - and overtime you'll improve. "Over Time"...(*.*)