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Nice handling of the topic. Embarrassment gets our attention like little else.
Oh, poor kid. Teenaged embarrassments are the worst.

Be careful of "it's"--which always means "it is" or "it has". When you want the possessive, you want "its" (without the apostrophe)--just like "his" and "hers" with no apostrophe, either.

Districts around here don't teach home ec any more--it's too bad, because it's a valuable skill.
This brings back memories from my Home Ec classes. Great lesson for parents to step back and allow children to make choices so they can grow. Story flowed great and really held my attention! Nan
Oh, I feel so sad for her, but your last sentence is right on target. Glad she has a mom who'll let her try and catch her when she falls.
Good story, good job.
Awww, I could really feel for her! The embarassment and trying so hard to get it to work well. A story and lesson well told-great writing. Congrats on your highly commended! ^_^