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How wonderful, this read so well, I felt I was eavesdropping. Keet it up!
A lovely story with some incredibly vivid dialog. I like that we have no clue what her difficulty was. Nice job.
Good use of dialogue and story telling. You did great "showing". Keep writing.
This is a good piece of writing. Because of the word limit, it may have worked better to leave your crying out of it and just focus on the dog. Watch your tenses too--you slipped out of past tense into present tense a few times. Good job otherwise!
Pretty good! The last line was good, about how she forget why she was crying-the true sign of a friend. I wish there'd been just a little more story, I'd been enjoying the bit with the wooden rabbit. Very fun read! ^_^
Author's Note to self: Ranked #6 in Level 2 (Just missed the top five)Close