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This article gave me the giggles!
Soooooo clever and what a message!
: -) -- this is just littered with puns. Very well done. And good job for not stretching this out to be longer than it needed to be.
You really made your Point in this Case.
You've presented a refreshingly witty, enjoyable read. Nice job!
Clever puns!

This is very clever and cute. Good job.
How cute and very clever. Nice
Absolutely cute and clever - and I adore all the puns and the names and such. Bet this was a hoot to write!
I really enjoyed the puns.
Please pardon my knit-picking, but the reader is not told that the Case and Point families had even known that the signal had been out, so it seems odd that Mr. Thyme's conscienciousness would have come to light.
Fun read. I like the last line.
I love puns, so your story had me smiling all the way through. Some work on punctuation would make this even better. Nice job!
To comment on Holly's comment:

First, glad you noticed. It was a deliberate decision on my part to omit that information. Why?

Think about it. The Mr. Thyme of the story WAS simply doing his job... inspecting the railroad crossing, and taking action on a deficiency he found there. There are whole hosts of people just like Mr. Thyme ... people who are just doing their jobs and taking care of problems while they're small. These people typically hold maintenance or inspection positions. Usually, they're not recognized for the work they do. The only time you hear about them is when they fail to do their jobs. And yet, how many people really SHOULD give these workers a pat on the back, a word of thanks, etc. Sometimes the littlest act of prevention can go so far as to save a life, and the omitting of that act can be utterly devastating.

Makes you think, doesn't it?
Very Punny - thanks for the grin.
I enjoyed reading this light-hearted romp through punville! Very clever and I love the title.
ROFL! I had to chuckle through this one. Love the word play, it hits the topic just right here!
Wow! This one reads like an illustrated book!
What fun. I totally enjoyed reading this creative entry. I love all the names. Great work!
Just like a news paper report- with added humour. Great job.
I just love word plays. This made me laugh heaps. What a great piece.