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Great story - wonderful illustration of this week's proverb. :)
A great life lesson - when the S hits the fan.
Good story, nicely done, and perfect on topic.
I'm willing to bet the writer is also a preacher's kid huh? (No one else really understands the constant scrutiny.)
How right on topic, so glad she learned from her mistakes. Keep it up!
I loved this story. I loved the humor as well as the message. And I agree, I bet the narrator is a PK.
And not even spell check would have picked that one up. This is a good take on the topic.. and a good chuckle!
Oh dear oh dear oh dear...I'd qant to crawl in a hole. This was awesome!
I've got to say, you really did apeal to this audience of writers. We know how the characters in this article must have felt.

By the way, I have to pay my kids a dollor if I mention them in a sermon.

Great writing and very riveting. Keep it up!
This is wonderful, funny and perfect for the topic. You done good, girl. Bravo!!!
Well written. It's funny how those typos always become obvious when it's too late to do anything about them.
LOL! Oh the fishbowl life of a minister's family. Well done.
This is very good. I am especially impressed with the way you made the mistake clear without having to use that bad word or ***'s. Great job with the topic.
I'm cracking up. This petite-length piece packed punch! Excellent job writing this story.
I'd hate to be a pastor's kid and be an example in a sermon! Really fun article, good flow and progression. Just the right amount of build up had me wondering What? What? - and the last line is great.
It would have to be a mistake in a small town newspaper, too. Everybody reads those! Believable story and right on topic.
Congratulations! This was among my favorites this week.
Congrats on your 5th place, Sharon! It is well-deserved!
From those of us who make our living with words...Let me extend to you that you are among friends.

Your title drew me to read your article.

Your panache lead me through.

Your candor held me captive.

Your ending of honesty made me weep.

Don't we all go to the Father at the end?