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It's so true - we don't always know why we're doing what God tells us to do.

I saw a few punctuation errors here, but overall, this piece was quite enjoyable. Wonderful job!
There is a lot of good stuff here, especially liked the ending.
I liked "They carried change on their wings." Nice work.
Great imagery in this angelic poem. I'm not clear on how it ties in with the topic, though. I enjoy your free verse style.
Great Job! I enjoyed the idea of the intercection between the time bound and the timeless.

It was enjoyable. It made sense. It struck a cord in me and it provoked thought.

I will be look forward to reading other things you write.
Really creative imagery here! And the lines... "They came on wings of fire
hot from the forgers vast furnace
they flew invisible..." contain wonderful alliteration. Very intriguing poem!
Good imagery but tends to give a little to much credit to the angels for change in the world. Not sure what this had to do with the subject. Keep writing.
Thanks for the comments and sorry for the confusion on meaning here. I took the idea of the angels being involved in changing destiny or delivering whatever the Father has for them to deliver (messages, intervening in various ways), and combined that with their ability to cross over time and space to make those changes, and considered how God might allow the angels to deliver change just in time to save... well... nine lives... nine thousand lives... in many different ways. Their 'stitches in time' could prevent problems from growing or lives from being lost eternally. Yikes! Does that sound completely crazy?

I appreciate the opportunity to write in challenges and thank you for your constructive comments.
After just having read the first two books of "THE CHRONICLES of BROTHERS" by Wendy Alec, this poem had such vision for me, as it fit so with the angels going back and forth in her stories, so fresh in my mind. I truly enjoyed the read!!