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As far as the concept for this piece, all I can say is... Wow. I did notice a few punctuation and spelling errors, but the message came through loud and clear.
VERY creative... and very engaging. I think the ending could have done without the paragraph that starts with, "I know of a critical moment like this..." I'd rather just make the connection myself between your allegory and reality. But other than that, this is really wonderful. Good writing... definitely a touchdown for you!

LA. Evans
Great title. This piece shows incredible creativity. Would have preferred if you left it as the idea of the game without telling us. Loved the ending. Keep writing!
I could picture, through your words, the progression of the events. Good details. I could see this piece as a Carmen video.
Great extended metaphor.

What would you think of ending with "the ball was interecepted."? That's where the oomph is...

I have to stretch quite a bit to get this to fit the topic for the week, but I really love it...extremely creative.
What a "Stich In Time" THAT was. I was absolutely inspired. An easy read and so fitting for this time of year. I wish that God had run it back and scored an additional touchdown but in retrospect He was graceful and kind and permanent.

I don't know you but I wish you peace my friend. You gave me a ton to think about.

Nice allegory for a youth group perhaps, those who are just are starting on their path. The ending could have pointed out that the game was already fixed. We "won" from the beginning, only one who didn't know was satan.
Awesome allegory! The Eternal Super Bowl
Awesome allegory! The Eternal Super Bowl