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Very compelling story - I like that you kept the "dream vs. real" idea open, rather than telling us it was definitely one or the other. Great descriptions.
I like! Well written, with a super message. Right on topic.
What a powerful story! Well-presented and crafted. This is a strong piece, for sure. Your writing skills are strong and you executed this piece very well. Good, good job! Christmas blessings!
Really, really well-written, and a super allegory.

My own preference would be to eliminate the "dream" scenario altogether, and have this presented as pure allegory. The "dream" device is a very commonly used one, and there's almost always a fresher way to get your point across.

I love the idea of flames to indicate believers, and the baby believer with his flame despite the work that still needs to be done. Wonderful!
Wonderfully told! Loved it. Hit right on the very things I often ponder. I cried tears of joy for Jim in the story...then was glad it really happened! You grabbed me and held me through. Bravo!
Very well done! So glad you bth made the angel terrifying (Be not afraid...) and the point so visual. The flame is real, even when we can't tell who has it. So glad we don't run the world...
This is a good twist on the topic. I like seeing hwo it could've been a dream or real, that's great. I enjoyed seeing how the flames went to the people who truly had it. Makes me wonder. Good job.
Good writing and descriptions. I like the flames image, too. The MC is well-crafted and had realistic dialogue. Good story!
Excellent. You really know how to get to the heart of the matter in an imaginative, entertaining way.