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Short but VERY powerful. Thanks for these thoughtful words.
With passion you present your case...we ARE the church! This is short but to the point--good work. You could use some help with punctuation and I would work on it to increase the impact of your writing. Good job! Christmas blessings! :)
Who ever said you have to have hundreds of words to say anything worthwhile? Well, whoever it was, this writer has proved them wrong. Brilliance comes in Brevity! I gained knowledge, wisdom, insight, truth, facts, trust, love, fulfillment and a new outlook on The Church. First Class writing! Kudos!
I loved your first paragraph with its series of contrasts, and your snowflakes metaphor. Parts of the next two paragraphs were pretty heavy on "Christian-ese"--can you find new ways to express those thoughts, similar to the opening of your piece?

Lots of good stuff in this little devotional.

Really like your strong, positive statements. Kept feeling this was really a poem trying to come out.
Good work, a little tweaking and you have an excellent piece. You said all that needed to be said.