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I like the voice of this. Enjoyed the read.
Neat! This is a different perspective from what I've read so far. I see where you're going with this but I must admit I was a little confused at times. There's a few spots where your grammar needs tweeking, but nothing that couldn't be worked out easily. Interesting read! Christmas blessings! :)
Interesting approach; I like the modernization of Peter's speech.

Good idea with an original twist, though I wonder whether it would help to tell the reader right off that the speaker is Peter? It might help to alleviate some confusion that your unique (and I'm not sure historically plausible) situation creates. I have often wondered about the apostles' and their own ponderings. You get into his head in a believable way.
I'm not sure why the hesitation in believing Peter could have been an old man telling this to children. I thought he died roughly 64-66 ad. making him somewhere in his seventies (assuming he was just a bit older than Jesus-which we have every reason to believe, right?). If someone could clear this up that would be great.
Congratulations, Scott, on placing 10th in your level. Great work!