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Lovely images and message. Enjoyed this.
A word picture of the Church. Nice work! I'm maybe too picky about rhythm and meter, but some of the syllables made your rhythm inconsistent. Try to set a pace and stick to it and make sure the accents on the syllables fit with your rhythm. But, all in all, this is a wonderful example of what the Church is meant to be. Good work! Christmas blessings! :)
I like the length of this poem--just right for rhymed and metered poetry.

A few lines could use a slight metric adjustment to be entirely consistent, so your readers don't have a little mental "hiccup" when the meter changes.

The content and the message are fantastic.
Agree on all counts...good message, perfect length, good progression of thought, good structure that more than a week would undoubtedly have improved even more!
Congratulations, Randy, on placing 12th in your level. Great work!