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An excellent visual! We are not far from this scene. Thanks be unto our God that the building and man's institution of religion and denominations are NOT the church!
Very descriptive of a time so many believe will never happen. You took a bold stand against the more popular belief and you did it well. Great job but I must admit I cringed at the thought of eating rats! :) Christmas blessings!
Excellent story!

A few things you'll want to fix--a small tense change in the 2nd paragraph, and "waist" instead of "waste" (the way you have it is a very interesting image!

This is a change-of-pace end times story, very well-written.
Excellent writing.. and a powerful message. (let all who have ears...)
Really like this! The story delivered what the title promised. Good pictures, and lots of showing rather than telling. Well done.
Great imaginative interpretation alive with sensory details. Good job.
This is just plain good. The story line is a creative twist on the rapture debate, the descriptions are great, and you brought your characters to life. I noticed one small error - "since" should be "sense". I truly enjoyed reading your entry. I don't think you'll be in Level 2 very long. :) Cat
Great article. So many believe the rapture will occur before the Tribulation, which I believe they conclude by reading Revelations chronologically. If Jesus does return after the Tribulation, as I believe, a lot of people will indeed get a shock.
This is very interesting. I liked this future look at a small church. The ending took a little too long to get to(my own opinon, though, lol) and I have two nitpicks-typos.
Great job, this was an enjoyable read.
Great description and detail. I was very engaged!
So creative, congrats on 2nd!
Keep writing, you have a true voice.
Excellent! I enjoyed your perspective on this future event. Congratulations on 2nd place!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. Very good writing, and a great job with the topic.
Great descriptions and dialogue. I like the different viewpoint you've presented in this story (but I hope we're NOT here!). The characters have good strong voices and creative interaction. Congratulations!
Good writing, a little bit sci-fi though. I like to think the scriptures are accurate enough, without further scare tactics. If Hell is not enough of determent your imagination will not do the trick.
I am happy for you!
An awesome glimpse of what "could be". Incredible writing here, and very brave of you to counter the mainstream end times theory. Well done!
Well done. I like the characters and their interaction.