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The title and its repetition are very effective in this well thought out piece.

Four paragraphs of introductory material might be a bit much; there's almost as much of that as there is on the real topic. And you might cut down on the number of questions at the end, they almost make the reader feel as if she is being interrogated.

All that aside, this is well-written in a pleasant voice. I'm glad I read it; I found myself nodding in several places.
You make some very good points here - I enjoyed this read. Much to ponder.
I've never thought of it that way before, "what is now traditional was contemporary at one time."
The tone may make the reader feel a bit defensive, instead of 'gently nudging' them into understanding your insights.
You do make some excellent points :)
You made us think, and that's good. I felt there were too many questions at the end, even though they very good questions. This would be good as a bulletin insert in some churches where there are old and new factions. :-)
Good, thought-provoking devotion
This was very descriptive of modern day debates. This was well written and understandable, it's an agrument I have been battling with for some time now. Great writing!
Very thought provoking devotional. Sometimes the truth hurts and pricks, but it is truth nonetheless. I noticed in your other comments about having too many questions.

One thing you could do, if you feel like all those need to be asked, is list them separately. Separate lines, in one, two, three order. Another thing you could do is take one of them, make it into a relating personal sentence, and then tag a question off of it. For instance,

"Sometimes, we as Christians think our view is the only correct view. How can we know if our views are correct or not?"

Something like that. Your questions are ones that all need to be asked, except maybe the last two could be comblined.

Awesome stuff!!!! :) Keep preachin it!
I like the progression of the argument from one example to the next. There was some excellent reasoning.

I agree about the comments on the questions at the end.
I love the repeating line -- it keeps bringing the reader back to your main point. Some very good observations here -- more people need to read this. Good job with the topic.
What I like about your devotional is the way you progress the "church" through the ages, and show the different methods used during each generation. It gives continuity to the church and it's growth. It seems we may be coming full circle in our method of gathering together, doesnt it?