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Great story...I love home groups...I also love dogs...great surprise ending...very original...good job...
I can't tell you how much I LOVED this piece. Your voice is absolutely captivating and lovely (I think we are very alike LOL), and I felt like I was right there with you throughout. Just wonderful.
I enjoyed the read. Found it lively and entertaining. God bless.
No wonder Barney loves Tuesday nights! Delightful story ... I had kind of a feeling the MC might be a dog, but you carefully crafted this to keep me in suspense until the very end. Great job! You put a smile in my heart tonight! :)
Love this pooch's voice!
I want to come too, loved the idea of Barney. The tone of the whole piece is how we should be living-like a dog, enjoying the moment.
Oh the joys of being a doggie! No stress, no worry, just happy days and food! Unique point of view and a cute voice for Barney.
This was creative and brave, very entertaining and absolutely delightful in every way...
I was really enjoying how much the narrator and I had in common and then was chagrinned to realize I'm just like a dog! Delightful story.
Very cute and entertaining story. I love the dog's perspective.
I loved this story, from the perspective of the dog--a neat twist! Speak, Barney, speak!
Very clever. Of course, after the 'surprise' ending, I had to read it again -- and it was even cuter than the first time. Good job with the topic.
I LOVED this!! I had no idea the voice was a dog until the very end--super!! I loved the voice--it was just right and it made me wish I was part of that group. Great job! :-)
I was totally taken by surprise with the ending. I had to reread your story to make sure I didn't get it wrong. It was such a sweet take on home groups. Great writing!
Too cute! Of course I had to read it a second time after I knew who the MC was, and many things I wondered about suddenly made sense. Superb writing and super story. Congrats on 1st place, and welcome to Advanced! :) Love, Cat
Great story. How originial, from the dog's point of view. You have been blessed with the gift of writing.